Complete Fluid Handling Systems

Allow us to add our expertise to your project. Pumps, Inc. provides fluids handling equipment including Pumps, Treatment, Filters, Pre-packaged Systems, Valves, and Controls. We are proud to work with engineers, owners, operators, and installers. From wells to waste water, industrial process pumps, chemical feed pumps, ANSI pumps, sump and sewage – Pumps, Inc. can help. Contact us today.

About Pumps, Inc…

Pumps, Inc. was founded in 1984 – one pump expert and a phone. And a chair. He probably had a box of pencils.

Objective: To provide pumps, motors and accessories to other small businesses in Tucson.

As we grew to two, and then three employees, we set our sights on providing the same great products, prices and service to all of AZ. We have since sold pumps, filters, and treatment equipment from coast to coast, and from Canada to Mexico.

Under new ownership since 2009, Pumps, Inc. has grown to four full-time employees, and uncounted dozens of faithful clients. Our eventual plan? Take over the world: all the while continuing to provide you with everything to meet your fluids handling needs in a timely manner at great prices.

We will do all we can to show how much we value your business!