With water comes all the things that impede the flow of water, or contaminate water, or wear, clog, and break system components. From sand in your pipes to e.coli in the well, talk to Pumps, Inc. and we’ll show you the solution.

    Chlorinators Incorporated & Regal Systems International

    Chlorinators Incorporated & Regal Systems International manufacture devices for the safe, economical and reliable use of chlorine gas in a variety of applications. Used world-wide for municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment, REGAL products have a wide range of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications, and allow the use of chlorine gas, which is the most economical method of disinfection, without sacrificing safety or reliability. Providing the best choice for Chlorinators, Sulfonators, and Ammoniators, Regal serves water and waste water treatment needs with the safest design and the highest quality materials in the industry. “Safety is designed and built in to the Regal.”


    The “Thompson Strainer” is a stainless steel screen filter with pressure loss of LESS THAN 1% when clean. It is perfect for retrofits and system modifications to minimize impact on existing design conditions. Providing the HELIX Disc Filter, the Automatic Turbo-Disc, as well as the Thompson Strainer, Miller-Leaman provides the highest quality filtration products for water, waste water, industrial and process water, turf, irrigation, and marine.


    LAKOS Offers Complete Solutions for Your Filtration Needs. LAKOS Separators and Filtration systems can be used in a wide variety of applications, helping to separate settleable solids from liquid or to remove floating organics with our media filters and filter screens. This includes cleaning cooling tower basins to heat exchanger protection to preventing sand damage to submersible pumps and many more. To determine which of our products might be best for YOUR application, start by picking the application shown below which most closely describes your system.


    Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company (Norweco) is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems and chemicals. Specializing in small-flow treatment applications, ranging from municipal treatment systems for small towns and villages, all the way down to systems for the individual family home, Norweco products are designed to provide a high level of treatment in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.


    ScaleBlaster is the worldwide leader in solving hard water problems and limescale formation without chemicals or salt. With 16 years experience, we offer the most effective, economical and maintenance-free system available today. ScaleBlaster is a maintenance free water softener alternative for Commercial, Residential & Industrial Applications.