Pre-Packaged Systems

    What can a good supplier do to help reduce installation costs, provide “best practice” advice and incorporate our years of experience solving these types of challenge?
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        PACKAGE PRESSURE BOOSTER SYSTEMS: skid mounted and ready to pipe and wire. Residential, municipal, industrial and commercial applications all have special considerations. Boosting incoming pressure, ensuring process flows and pressures, and customizing equipment selection to best serve the owner are all considerations. Our systems are designed to meet your specifications with equipment selected to maximize service and minimize lifetime cost to own and operate. Let Pumps, Inc. help.


        PACKAGE SEWAGE LIFT STATIONS: We provide individually designed lift stations, complete with float / level controls and control panel(s), capable of handling various fluids, from sewage to industrial wastewater, from potable water to acid and other aggressive materials. Systems may include variable frequency drive (VFD), SCADA ready systems, stainless steel or cast iron pumps, and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sump basins of all sizes.


        AERATION PANELS: An economical and ‘green’ treatment method to help reduce aggressive gasses and odors from sewage lift stations. Aeration is a preferred means of pre-treatment in sewage basins and for other systems where organics can benefit from oxygen injection to support aerobic digestion and other green treatments. By helping natural processes degrade organics in wastewater, aeration injection may reduce the build-up of aggressive or poisonous gases. Pumps, Inc. custom designs and manufactures aeration panels to meet state, local, and federal guidelines as applicable, including the “10 States Standards” (2004) guidelines.


        ODOR CONTROL DEVICE (OCD): A simple yet effective vent filter with activated granular carbon to mitigate offensive odors. An Odor Control Device (OCD) is used with a sewage lift station. Our custom built OCD is designed to absorb undesirable odors by directing the air through a layer of activated carbon. The design allows for up to 30 lbs. of coarse granular activated carbon in the reservoir. The design is simple yet effective and is constructed of PVC, acrylic and stainless steel with no assembly required. A stainless steel screen prevents the media from entering the wet well. Diffuser plates allow the air to move freely within the OCD and become deodorized by the media and vent through the weatherproof cap.


        GLYCOL CLEAN SYSTEMS: With a tank, filter, and pump, Glycol Clean Systems are skid mounted and sized to your cooling tower needs. Why are our Glycol Clean Systems better than “their” GCS? We will custom select your pump, properly size your tank, and make sure you have controls that meet your needs and budget. The system delivered will be straightforward to install, use, and service. Crafting a customized system and pre-packaging it for your facility is what we excel at. Let us quote your next system.


        SOLAR POWERED CHEMICAL FEED PUMP SYSTEMS: Let us show you how a system that is powered by the sun can help you with treatment at remote sites. Complete systems include properly sized solar panels, voltage converters, pump(s), and mounting equipment.